Members of our JoVE Unlimited community can expect consistent efforts by the JoVE team to support their institution’s science education and research needs. Here's a quick look at the content and services that have been introduced to meet new challenges in 2020:

JoVE Unlimited Update, December 2020

What's On The Horizon?

The team at JoVE is preparing exciting new content and services for 2021. Below is a sneak peek at some of the updates coming to JoVE Unlimited subscribers in the coming months:

More new JoVE content coming soon!


Here’s a sneak preview:

• Unit II of JoVE Core: Chemistry, a video textbook that covers 11 brand new chapters, from chemical kinetics to biochemistry.
• Unit I of JoVE Core: Molecular Biology, which takes an in-depth look at the cellular and extracellular processes of life, from protein structure to gene expression.  
• The Danio rerio (zebrafish) collection within JoVE Encyclopedia of Experiments: Biology, with several videos illustrating key research techniques for this model organism.

In addition, many more products will continue to be added throughout 2021. As a JoVE Unlimited subscriber, your institution will have full access to all new content.


A quick and easy way to bring together a specific selection of JoVE videos that can be easily shared with students or lab members, whether for a lesson, a course, or lab training. You can view playlists mapped to different syllabi here.

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A blog series to support faculty looking for remote instruction tips, highlighting how educators worldwide have used JoVE videos in different remote or hybrid science courses. You can check out the latest blog here.

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JoVE in Action

For guides and other tools to support your instruction or research needs, visit the Faculty Resource Center.

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