Faced with the COVID pandemic, the research and education world has quickly adapted, resulting in a time of great innovation. In response to many unforeseen scenarios, the science community has developed new systems and mechanisms to cope with the flux between at-home research and learning, hybrid environments, and returns to in-person activities. To celebrate the solutions brought about during this time of upheaval in areas of particular difficulty, JoVE has launched the 2021 JoVE Science Education and Research Innovation Awards.

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JoVE Innovation in Instruction Award

With limited or no face-to-face interaction with students, instructors worldwide have been particularly challenged by how to successfully teach science concepts and laboratory experiments. Many used video and other media to address this challenge. This award will recognize creative uses of visual media resources to advance teaching in science disciplines.

JoVE Librarian Innovation Award

The shift of education and science research into online environments caused libraries to also adapt, employing new solutions and adjusting their work processes to better support faculty, researchers and students in the transition. This award will recognize creative solutions, especially using visual resources, that libraries developed to support users in these challenging times.

JoVE Researcher Innovation Award  

Traditionally performed in the lab or field, research suddenly going virtual required labs to adjust how they conduct research as well as training. This award will recognize innovative uses of visual resources to conduct research and training, and share knowledge outside of the physical laboratory.

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Winners will be announced in Fall 2021 - Stay tuned!