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of students surveyed in a biology course at St. John’s University said that a video product like JoVE was more attractive than a traditional textbook.1


Our Curriculum Specialists dedicated to supporting faculty are available to find the perfect videos to match courses for you.


Help your students prepare for their upcoming exams with:

JoVE Science Education

JoVE Core

JoVE Lab Manual

For a clear understanding of science fundamentals

For full comprehension of introductory concepts

For confidence and success in laboratory practicals


JoVE videos are accessible 24/7, on and off-campus. They can also be shared while in a Zoom meeting (here’s how).


Ahead of exams, students often seek video explanations of complex topics on YouTube: providing JoVE videos instead ensures that they’re only using high-quality, accurate content! 


Supplement your exam study guides with relevant JoVE videos (our Curriculum Specialists can quickly find the right videos for you).

Reinforce topics covered in lectures by assigning related videos to watch after class. Videos can be reviewed multiple times prior to exams, unlike a traditional lecture.


JoVE for Assessment: Create Your Own JoVE Quiz



Assess student comprehension of videos you assign — use the ‘Create Quiz’ button available beneath all JoVE Education videos to add a related quiz! To help you save time, we’ve also provided questions you can use.




All JoVE Education videos have a quiz bank of 5-10 multiple choice questions on the material they cover. 

Request the quiz bank for a JoVE Education video below. Our Curriculum Specialists can provide it in a format that is easy to import into your learning management system (LMS).


JoVE for Assessment & Exam Preparation: Playlists

Playlists bring together a selection of JoVE videos to support your instruction needs.


STEP 1: LOCATE videos of your choice (and let us help!)

There are several methods to do this:

  • Browse for videos on topics on which you plan to assess students, and follow these instructions to create your own playlist.
  • Save time by asking our curriculum specialists for a bespoke playlist tailored to your syllabus or assessment needs.
  • Explore playlists of JoVE videos mapped to commonly-taught courses and textbooks

You can clone or customize playlists by adding or removing videos. 
STEP 2: CREATE engaging assignments Use the ‘Add Label’ option within playlists to add instructions for a task students must complete after watching the videos — you can include short or long text descriptions, questions, instructions or links to external resources. 


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“The ability to visualise the concepts using the videos greatly aid[s] in the student's understanding. It also allowed students to revisit these concepts if they didn't grasp it the first time during class.”


– Nicolette Wright, First Technical Assistant, Division of Microbiology, Department of Biochemistry, Genetics, and Microbiology, University of Pretoria

3 research studies exploring how faculty have used JoVE videos to boost test scores, engagement, confidence in the lab, and comprehension.

17 science instructors explain how they used JoVE to test and enhance student understanding

Check if you have access to JoVE videos via your library. 

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Pair videos with open access resources like Openstax or other textbooks to provide students with visual explanations — we’ve already mapped them for you.

Assign videos to support remedial coursework — students working to catch up on specific topics can be assigned videos as per their individual needs. 

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