FACT: Nearly 50% of undergraduate students who declared for STEM majors failed to finish their degrees, either switching fields or dropping out of school altogether. (Department of Education, 2014) 

Given the rapidly expanding need for workers in STEM fields, how can we slow down this rate of attrition? At JoVE we’ve always felt that visualizing science makes it easier to consume and understand.

Get a behind the scenes look from JoVE's Director of Production about what goes into the making of each video, and see all the new data illustrating the benefit on learning outcomes when video resources are used. We also know the strong link between a student’s preparation in high school and their success in college, so JoVE created the  STEM-College Readiness Community Partnership in 2017 to forge that link between universities and secondary schools.

Hear more about the exciting outreach that is taking place with this program between colleges and high schools nationwide.

Presented by: 

Jen Ostrosky: Senior Account Manager

Dave Cox: National Account Manager, High Schools

Dipesh Navani, Director of Video Production

In 2017, we conducted two independent, IRB-approved studies at Clemson University and DeSales University to test that theory. The answer? Overwhelmingly, yes, video makes a difference. Students who watched just 10 minutes of video before class scored up to 2x higher on exams compared to those who didn’t, and as topics got more complex the difference was more pronounced.

Download the 3-page white paper and the 22-page full study

The Results

  • 89% of students felt more confident during lab
  • 92% of students felt they understood how to conduct the lab better
  • 96% of students found the SDS Page video was helpful in explaining the core scientific concepts

  • Students who watched the JoVE Plasmid Purification video scored 100% higher - performed twice as well - on the pre-lab test compared to the control group.
  • Students scored 76% higher on the test after both groups had conducted the lab.

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