Download the 3-page Whitepaper and the 22-page full study report for free here and find out how pre-class viewing of JoVE videos significantly improved students' assessment scores and learning experience. 


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This IRB-approved study conducted by TERC, a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based education research organization, tested hundreds of undergraduate students at Clemson and DeSales University to gauge what impact watching a JoVE video ahead of their lab had on their performance and confidence.

"JoVE videos stand out for their brevity. The students’ attention is short, and lab time is precious … the JoVE videos covered the most important parts and left out the needless detail. It kept the students’ attention, and it shows in their results." - Dr. Lara Goudsouzian, DeSales University

  • 89% of students felt more confident during lab
  • 92% of students felt they understood how to conduct the lab better
  • 96% of students found the SDS Page video was helpful in explaining the core scientific concepts
  • Students who watched the JoVE Plasmid Purification video scored 100% higher - performed twice as well - on the pre-lab test compared to the control group.
  • Students scored 76% higher on the test after both groups had conducted the lab.